The Florida Treasure Coast Airstream Club

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Effective January, 2018, the name of the Florida Treasure Coast Unit was changed to the Florida Treasure Coast Airstream Club in order to make the group more recognizable as an Airstream-oriented entity. 

The Florida Treasure Coast Unit of The Wally Byam Airstream club covers a diverse geographical area of the peninsular state, generally from northern Florida to southern Palm Beach County, and from coast to coast. It really isn’t a geographical grouping at all, but one of camaraderie, fun and genuine friendships.

The Unit was formed in 1977, originally in Stuart, Florida. At that time, the majority of the founding members lived in the central east-coast area of Florida. The area is known for the 17th and 18th century galleons, loaded with New World treasure, which sank in violent storms along its coast. Thus, the name “Florida Treasure Coast Unit.”

The Tampa Bay Unit merged with FTCU in 2012, bringing in members from Florida’s west coast along the Tampa Bay and Fort Myers areas. Old friendships were renewed and new ones were forged with this union.

As the COVID Pandemic is beginning to dwindle in 2021 there are 50 International members and 10 Affiliate members. A number of the members, but not all, are “snowbirds.”  In typical years, rallies are held in April and November, at various locations throughout the state. Unfortunately the Pandemic brought our operations to a temporary halt, but our club was thrilled to conduct it’s Spring 2021 rally April 8-11 at Travellers’ Rest in Dade City, FL.  Many thanks and appreciation go to our Travellers’ Rest members for setting up the rally and providing a variety of socially distancing activities.  The Spring business meeting was conducted by Past President, Joe Smedley.  In addition to our spring and fall events, local and regional rallies, picnics and luncheons provide opportunities to get together with old and new Airstream friends. Members are encouraged to organize events for their local areas at any time. Any Airstreamer is always welcome at FTCAC activities!